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Kindly do visit again. Thanks, The Title of Oba of DNL-RS in Ifelodun LGA, Kwara State is LRN OF DNL-RS, I swear boss now we were given assignment on this now from school. Also, some names are formed from Yoruba proverbs. Kindly do visit again. An example of a Bini bearer is Oba Ewuare II of Benin. Bisi Bakare. Some Yoruba chieftaincy titles are hereditary and others are bestowed upon individuals (Chief 25 Sept. 2012; Emeritus Professor 16 Apr. Abdulganiyu Olododo, Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Duties, Alh. To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds toupgrade your browser. Alara of Aramoko and Ajero of Ijero is one of the seven paramount rulers in Yoruba land. Saheed Aderinto, Where is the Boundary? The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has debunked claims that he was involved in the sale of a parcel of land where the Idosun community in Ibeju-Lekki has its traditional place of worship. Emeritus Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. olosi osi ekiti, oore of otun ekiti, alara of aramoko ekiti, ajero of ijero ekiti, alawe of ilawe ekiti. Thanks for your visit and wonderful contribution, Mr. Mayowa Aringbangba. It is reserved for the first son of a family. Olukare of Ikare Akoko, Olumo Of Imo Arigidi Akoko, Zaki Of Arigidi Akoko,Onirun of Irun Akoko. Elekole of Ikole Ekiti, a prominent ba in Yorubaland, paramount ruler of Egbe-ba Kingdom. 2012; Advocate . I urge every one of you to continue seeing yourselves as brothers and sisters here in Ghana and anywhere we found ourselves in the world. Thanks for your contribution, Honourable Ogunmolasuyi Sesan. Thank you so much, Mr. Adebowale. This is the gap this study intends to fill. you should writer Ona onibode of Igboho land, Olu of Oworo kingdom, Olu of Apata-Oworo, Obaro of Jakura-Oworo, Bajana of Obajana-Oworo, Maasi of Agbaja-Oworo (kogi state). Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Dehinde Olutimehin. Thank you, Mrs Bukola Awobode. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Akande Gbenga. Telephone interview with the Research Directorate. The following could not provide information for this Response: Embassy of Nigeria in Ottawa; Emeritus Professor of African History, University of Stirling; Emeritus Professor and professorial research associate, University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. ADA IS IN BORIPE NORTH LOCAL COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT AREA OF OSUN STATE, Olosi of Osi Ekiti, a firtst class oba in Ido-Osi local government of Ekiti state is missing in the list . 2012). endstream endobj startxref The coming of the British, nonetheless gave opportunities for official recognition of different categories of traditional rulers. Prominent politicians also amass numerous chieftaincy titles. It is in view of the above fact that the author beck to holistically examine whether reference to Ogboni of Egbaland is exclusively restricted to Ologboni Section alone or includes Ologun, Olorogun and Parakoyi Section of Egbaland among others. 370 CHIEFTAINCY IN ABEOKUTA The acronym Oba was used for their rulers (kings). 18 May 2012. Internet sites, including: Africa Confidential; Africa Research Bulletin; African Studies Centre, University of Leiden; Al Jazeera; All Africa; Amnesty International; Australia Refugee Review Tribunal; Canadian Journal of African Studies; Commonwealth Local Government Forum; Current Research Journal of Social Sciences; ecoi.net; Factiva; Freedom House; Human Rights Watch; Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Akwa Ibom State, Edo State, Lagos State; Minority Rights Group International; Nigeria Embassy of Nigeria in Ottawa; Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies; This Day; UK Border Agency; United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks, Refworld; United States Congressional Research Service, Department of State; World Organization Against Torture. Thank you for your visit and contribution, Mr. Akintunde Ojo. By embracing viable models deducible for the modus operandi of the Ogunda Meji temple, Yoruba religion stands the chance of being catapulted from the state of a mere crude spirituality to a globally acclaimed world religion. Chieftaincy titles in the iagos society is that which is basically fashioned after what obtains in Yoruba-land since iagos is mainly a Yoruba community and as such their cultural The Emeritus Professor said that the oba chooses new chiefs with the guidance of his council of senior chiefs who receive "much material recompense" in non-hereditary title selection (16 Apr. Yoruba Ethnogenesis and the Trajectory of Islam by John David Yeadon Peel, READING THE DIARY OF AKINPELU OBISESAN IN COLONIAL AFRICA, Inter-religious relations in Yorubaland, Nigeria: corpus methods and anthropological survey data. 3, 2013 ISSN: 0022-362X, Africa: Journal of the International African Institute, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Book: Obafemi Awolowo and the Making of Remo: The Local Politics of a Nigerian Nationalist, The historical development and challenges of Islam in Ila-Orangun, Nigeria, THE OGUNDA MEJI TEMPLE APATA, IBADAN, AS A MODEL FOR MODERN TRENDS IN YORUBA TRADITIONAL WORSHIP, THE OGBONI OF EGBALAND AND CONSTITUTIONAL CONTROVERSY, KNIGHTS OF A GLOBAL COUNTRYSIDE: THE BALOGUN INSTITUTION OF IJEBULAND, NIGERIA 1, Ijebu Odes Ojude Oba Festival: Cultural and Spiritual Significance, TRADITIONS AND CONTROVERSIES SURROUNDING THE EKITI SENIOR OBAS (1860-1960), How Worship Becomes Religion: Religious Change and Change in Religion in d and Salvador, Socio-cultural relation between Emure and Ise Ekiti, 1914 - 2014, Education and the Growth of Religious Associations among Yoruba Muslims: The Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, RETHINKING THE PROLIFERATION OF MUSLIM CHIEFTAINCY TITLES IN CONTEMPORARY YORUBALAND (SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA) FOR AN , THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF ISLAM IN EPE, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA, 1851-2010, CHRISTIANITY IN IBADAN (SOUTHWEST NIGERIA): ARRIVAL, GROWTH AND INFLUENCE, The Formation of Yoruba Nation and the Challenge of Leadership Since Pre-Colonial Era, SAMUEL JOHNSON ON THE EGYPTIAN ORIGIN OF THE YORUBA, REGBE-REGBE: MULTIDIMENSIONAL IMPACT OF CLOTH AND COLOUR IN OJUDE-OBA FESTIVAL, BRITISH COLONIAL ADMINISTRATION, DEVELOPMENT OF ISLAM AND ISLAMIC EDUCATION IN A NON-ILSAMIC SOCIETY: THE BENIN DIVISION (NIGERIA) EXPERIENCE, 1897-1960. Thanks for your contribution, Otunba Obafemi Adenuga. 2010). These heads with a rank of chief perform traditional functions among the people that elect them. Others are the other regional obas in abeokua and demo. This is highly educative and very important. This article examines the cultural and spiritual significance of the Ojude Oba festival. 1.OKUBAKA OF OKA AKOKO S/W ONDO ST.2,OLUKARE OF IKARE AKOKO N/E ONDO ST. Such individuals are honored with the title Ebube Dike which translates to (Glorious hero) or he who brings prosperity to the community. If you know some other titles of traditional rulers in Yorubaland not listed above, kindly add it in the comment box and we will update this list as soon as possible. 2012). Onilala of Lanlate, Elenpe of Tapa, Oluaso of Igangan. Actually AFONJA ended up not physically warring against AOLE AROGANGAN (the briefly reigned ALAAFIN during Afonja days)Afonja was actually loyal to Oyo but was betrayed by Aole not once but twice. Lord of w). endstream endobj 22 0 obj <> endobj 23 0 obj <> endobj 24 0 obj <>stream However, an event that still has symbolic prestige and capital is that of chieftaincy title-taking and awarding. Onipee of Ipee in Kwara State, till today remains the father of oniree of Iree land of Osun State. 2012). Religion is closely bound up with the traditional way of Yoruba life; Understanding Yoruba Life and Culture, Trenton and Eriteria, When the children dress up as angels and shepherds for the school assembly at Christmas, it may seem churlish for atheist parents to protest at indoctrination into the Christian religion. The Yoruba are in the west, Hausa in North and Igbo people in southeastern region. Thanks once again. A Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), has urged all paramount traditional leaders, especially the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III and the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, to convene a meeting of Yoruba leaders. Sources indicate that Yoruba chiefs are selected based on the traditions of each community (Advocate and Development Planner 17 Apr. Kayode Ekundayo. Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria have their own way of practicing their beliefs and the demands of the practice. olukare of ikare , olubaka of oka ,olugbe of ugbe ,aladeokun of alade idanre,owa of idanre. Oji ofo title is given only to men in a family. According to the Emeritus Professor, "accepted membership of a family (i.e., by virtue of patrilineal descent from the family's founding ancestor) is a minimum condition of eligibility for a hereditary title limited to members of that family" (ibid.). The list of names here, are 'oruko amutorunwa'. Thank you so much for this enlightenment, Mr. Babalola Clement. thank you, Mr. Oluwasegun Osiberu. Adamu Sabi. 17 Apr. Thanks for your contribution, Alagba Ademot. Thank you, Eniola. H0N 9HT3012,H. . This is why the status and hierarchy of natural rulers in Ekiti were based on the strength of their tradition and customs, geography and influence and interactions with their neighbour's. Kindly do visit again. We really appreciate your contribution. Correspondence with the Research Directorate. Some prominent members of society spend personal funds for rural development. Shina Abiola Peller, as well as one of the world's leading offshore production experts, Subsea. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Moyin Salaudeen. Thank you also for your visit and please visit often. Royal splendour, the rich Yoruba culture and Ghanaian hospitality were in full display in Accra, last weekend, as the Yoruba community in Ghana honoured some members of its race from Nigeria. Emblems are given out according to seniority, and drapery worn by the oba and chiefs are created to be elaborate and also expensive. Thanks for your contribution, Prince Shitta. 21 0 obj <> endobj The study adopts the narrative approach and critical evaluation of data collected in order to discuss Benin influence on Isua chieftaincy titles in pre-colonial period. "[3], The role of the oba has diminished with the coming of colonial and democratic institutions. The title Oke Osisi literarily means the Great Tree) and the holder has considerable influence in the community. They dominate commerce in electronic, automobile spare part and general merchandizing. Importance of ceremonies in Yoruba Culture. Mother who owns a title) in their capacities as married chieftesses. 38 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<772A089735653409805E63D715C1B16E><4AF0F83351602745BCD44F31AACF8D3A>]/Index[21 32]/Info 20 0 R/Length 87/Prev 63171/Root 22 0 R/Size 53/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream The Emeritus Professor stated that sometimes Christians and Muslims rejected these chieftaincy titles due to their "idolatrous rituals" (16 Apr. As a sacred ruler, the oba is traditionally regarded by the Yoruba as the ex officio chief priest of all of the Orisha sects in his or her domain. E seun a dupe. We will make sure to tread cearfully in that aspect. Within the Yoruba community, where Skepta hails from, the complete regalia for the occasion is Agbada, Buba, and Sokoto. NOTE: OKEHO is ONJO OF OKEHO and not Oba of Okeho. [Accessed 20 Sept. 2012]. Fulani betrayed Afonja because Afonja allowed them free reign not factoring how backstabbing the Fulani can be. [Accessed 15 Oct. 2012], Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). We are really grateful. Examples of Yoruba bearers include Oba Ogunwusi of Ile-Ife, Oba Aladelusi of Akure, and Oba Akiolu of Lagos. Yoruba term, meaning rest the back on wealth. Dibe bekee: given to a traditionalist or native doctor. This is wonderful. He emphasized that this "happens and can happen anywhere" (ibid. Wao! No we havent. It will be corrected. This is because of illiteracy, poverty and poor infrastructure. Yorb names are traditionally classified into five categories: Orko mtrunw 'Destiny Names', ("names assumed to be brought from heaven" or derived from a religious background). Further information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. I am addicted to your education. Great article and information, Please can you make a gallery of all Yoruba Obas. The wives of the non-royal chiefs, when themselves titleholders in their own right, tend to use the honorific "yly" (lit. He admonished the Yoruba race: Yoruba as a tribe has hada long-standing historical connection with Ghana as one of the black tribes on earth. Were very grateful for the nomination. Yoruba term meaning add honey to the wealth. We are grateful! Generally bestowed on elderly individual who have distinguished himself in the community. Further history on Onipee of Ipee: As a rule distinguished members of the old oyo Royal Family do not reside in the metroplolis. In a move aimed at restoring and reawakening the history and culture of Yoruba, eminent Yoruba leaders, including the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi. CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE TITLES OF THESE OBAS?Lanlate Tapa Igangan Ijebu Igbo? Re: Buratai Bags Yoruba Chieftaincy Title by Nobody: 1:40pm On Aug 18, 2022 Monarchies and corresponding title of monarch: 1)Rome: Cesar 2) Germany: Kaiser 3) England: king 4) Ottoman: sultan 5) France : roi 6) Russia: Tsar 7) Benin empire: Oba 8 ) Oyo: alafin 9) Persia: shah 10) Egba: alake 9 September 2012. Beyond ideological differences and opposing methods and approaches, tradition and modernity share the possibility of working hand in hand to facilitate new age paradigm shift. https://oldnaija.com/2017/01/12/the-mugbamugba-war-second-attempt-of-a-failed-expulsion/ Thank you for your visit and comment, Mr. Lanre Adewolu. Anayo Okoli. The King in Igbo land are referred to as Igwe or Eze. The data were collected during fieldwork conducted in 1986-1988. All you have said above is true. The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, has said that as the head of all the Yoruba monarchs, he is the only one with the exclusive rights to confer chieftaincy titles that cover Yorubaland on . This is really helpful. Thanks for contributing, Mr. Kayode. Akinrun of Ikirun land Aragbiji of Iragbiji Ajalaye Ipetu Ijesa. This is really helpful. Like in Ikere-Ekiti where we have Ogoga of Ikere and Onikere of Ikere the government recognizes Onikere of Ikere and in Ikare Akoko the government recognizes Olukare of Ikare and not Owa-Ale of Ikare. This list may not reflect recent changes . In Igbo land patriarch hierarchy is reserved to the eldest male member of a family. Nigerian media sources indicate that the Lagos State Governor rejected a chieftaincy title because he wanted to focus on governance (Daily Trust 11 Sept. 2012; The Punch 9 Sept. 2012). A series of these festivals called the Ojude Oba festival is celebrated by the Ijebus who are renowned for both their enterprise and affluence. Therefore, the central theme of the work reflects, culture, Nationalism and Patriotism of church members to the development of Oka-Akoko. Thank you, Mr. Akinwale Abiodun. We are all one from the same source. This paper will examine comparatively the forms of chieftaincy title given among the three religious faiths in Yoruba land and how they have co-existed without necessarily jeopardizing their basic tenets of faith and practices. 2012). This is because the appellation is given to a rich philanthropic individual. Aarin; refers to centre/middle Aarinade; in the centre of the crown Aarinola; the centre of wealth Abayomi; the enemy would have gloated over me Abejide; born during the rainy season 2012). The wives of kings, princes and chiefs of royal background usually make use of the title "Olor" (the equivalent of Princess Consort), though some of the wives of dynastic rulers prefer to be referred to as "Ayaba" (the equivalent of Queen Consort). In the past, the cap was worn Abeti-Aja style (meaning like dogs ears);. Some Yoruba chieftaincy titles are hereditary and others are bestowed upon individuals (Chief 25 Sept. 2012; Emeritus Professor 16 Apr. The person is regarded as the family head. 25 September 2012. Kindly do check back. 2012). His Royal Majesty, Oba of Yoruba in Ghana, Alh. We really appreciate your contribution. Kindly do check back. The titles are meant to encourage influential people in the society to contribute to the development of the community. Towns like IKere in Ekiti state and Ikare in Ondo state. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Akinleye. Wealthy people in eastern Nigeria are usually celebrated. Tomori. Oba Adeyemi, who spoke at the conferment of chieftaincy titles of Atobaase and Ayedero of Yorubaland on Messrs Babajide Agunbiade and Shina Peller, respectively, had said: 'From time. Full participatory observation of the temple services and activities were carried out in order to arrive at a detailed study. Any views expressed are solely those of the author or publisher and do not necessarily reflect those of UNHCR, the United Nations or its Member States. Divinity of triumph, being supernatural of success. In Yoruba land, apart from Oba which is the general name for a king, each king or traditional ruler has his own royal title which distinguishes him from other kings. This dates back to the era of the Oyo warrior chiefs and palace officials in the medieval period, when powerful individuals of varied ancestries held prominent titles in the empire. Olamide. Below are some titles of traditional rulers in Yorubaland. The Advocate and Development Planner explained that in some communities where chieftaincy is not hereditary, "especially when the community or town is a community of strangers," such as in Ibadan and Oke-Igbo, chieftaincy titles are based on rotation and individuals wait in line for their titles until the chief or king dies (17 Apr. The y ba, meanwhile, bears the title "Alfin", which means One who possesses the palace) and the kings of individual Yoruba towns, such as that of w a town in Osun State who bears the title "Olw" (Ol ti w, lit. Onilogbo of Ilogbo. Thanks for contributing, Mr. Adeniji Adeloye. 1. Point of correction ,ONJO OF OKEHO NOT OBA OF OKEHO. They bestow titles to deserving sons and daughters of the land. Please visit often. ALADO of ADO-AWAYE LAND IS A FIRST CLASS KING not Aseyin. 104-120. THE YORUBA PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL HERITAGE AND ITS IMPLICATION FOR COUNSELORS, European Prejudice and Pre-Colonial African Reality: Reconsidering State Formation and Indigenous Governance in Owo Kingdom, Home Burials Church Graveyards and Public Cemeteries. "Why I Rejected Oba's Chieftaincy Title - Fashola." A prominent man in Igbo land Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu was conferred the title Ikemba. Arigbamu of Agbamu Oniror of Tore Olojoku of Ojoku Onira of Ira Olomu of Omuaran Onimore of Imore, Akogbe Of Ajue,lapahun Of Lasia Kingdom, Jegun Of Ile Oluji Land. blue roan quarter horse ranch,

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