I help organizations create tomorrow’s opportunities out of today’s challenges while saving BIG money.

Educating, Empowering, Equipping

Audrey tells it like it is and brings years of knowledge, enthusiasm, and practical strategies to every training program she conducts or keynotes speech she gives.

Thousands have crowded into meeting facilities from Europe to Japan, across the United States and the Caribbean to benefit from her inspiring messages.

Audiences of truly diverse industries have appreciated her commitment to personalizing her programs to address the specific interest and challenges facing their group, making her a sound investment for their training budget.

Audrey comes early, stays late, and is an integral part of your training process. Audrey is easy to work with, flexible, and a true professional.

Possessing a dynamic stage presence; Audrey captures the attention of her audience immediately and never lets go. Audrey combines hard facts with a rich blend of humor and stories to create a powerful message.

Professional Development

Personal Development