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A DIY Career Book. Are you under employed? Do you want more from your career? Are you unhappy in your current position? Do you long to break out of corporate America? In her debut book How To Get Out of Job Jail: Eight Ways to Have the Career You’ve Always Wanted, Audrey B. LeGrand shares with you ways to recession-proof your career for good. You will discover ways of improving your communication skills, abilities, responsibilities, etiquette skills, entrepreneurial traits, enthusiasm, ethics, and relationship skills.

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For every job seeker, career changer, returning to the workforce candidate or laid off/downsized/former employee, sound career management advice is here. Now you can take hold of your career and stop allowing the economy, employers, envious family, and friends from having control over your destiny.

Join Audrey in this 3-hour webinar, as she coaches you step by step on successful career strategies. In How To Get Out of Job Jail, Audrey will show you how to manage your successful career from your first job to entrepreneurial status, if you desire, and then on into retirement status. She reminds you it’s your choice to remain in job jail, be released from jail, or break out of jail altogether.

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In 2020 one in four Americans lost their job. Millions more were impacted financially by the pandemic. Our economy is more complex than ever before. Landing a great job or starting a business requires a great strategy. A one-on-one coaching session can assist in creating a game plan or road map towards your ultimate goals.

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Our professionally written resumes will make you stand out from the crowd, make your job search easier and decrease the time it takes to find your next opportunity.