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What’s the best way to handle your boss?

Determine what type of boss you have first. If your boss is a bottom-line manager then recognize that all he or she needs to know is the status of the project you are working on, not the details. You’ll both be frustrated. On the other hand, a detail-driven manager doesn’t want you to omit anything in reporting on projects.​

Are you helping your manager and department look good and meet goals? Knowing the specific goals will give you a better understanding of where the department is going and what your manager is trying to accomplish. Now you can be proactive in your approach to helping your manager and team. If you have some ideas on how to improve your department let your manager know in private and in a non-confrontational manner. As the department improves you’ll gain credibility. You’ll find your relationship to be more of a partnership than a subordinate/boss. You’ll also be given more responsibility.

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